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It is like befriending a cactus tree where whether you hug the tree or the tree hugs you the end becomes the same. As a result, it really bugs me when I see people using his code to sell programmers for hundreds of dollars, with zero attribution for his work. The call for reforming PFDJ seems to have sprung from the same if not similar ramifications that could result in the event of post-Isaias Eritrea. Adjusting this crux from the sports makes that they tote up a inconsiderable adverse the blueprint, tiongkok nfl hat comprehensive. It is wrong to arrest people without bringing them to a court of law. Novel planing binary options video

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I was impressed with his main thesis that capitalism and socialism both sprung from the same flawed enlightenment assumptions. Yes, I was quite impressed. Thank you very much for writing it. However, you left a question hanging: I did enjoy getting to vote down the credit union board giving themselves a bank-style raise.

They felt that as bank CEOs and directors were getting very high salaries, they should too. The membership disagreed, and they had to give themselves a pay cut. Canada was a mixed economy for decades, though it has been becoming more and more capitalist over the past 20 years or so at least. BC still has a number of crown corporations, though some have been privatized, often with accusations of crony capitalism and unreasonably low selling prices attached.

Changes are ahead, and syndicalist models offer hope for improvement. It seems that for the syndicalist model to be most effective, it would require a system of checks and balances outside the economic system, and including the administration side of things. So distribution of wealth and income may have peaked, but returning to a model of classic social democracy today would need to be accompanied with lowered expectations of wealth and income.

Scotlyn, the idea that systems have life cycles is important, and worth following up on. As for debt jubilees et al. In that latter case, a minority with a convincing narrative can give a new shape to an entire society, for good or ill. Methylethyl, thank you for this! That is to say, Publix treats its employee-members the way that smart businesses used to treat their employees back in the day.

Taraxacum, delighted to hear it. I think a lot of people are ready to hear about this sort of thing; please help spread the word! Capitalism requires the continuing buildup of capital, so like a cancer can only survive by growing. Anthony, oh, I know. Yucca, a lot of my readers seem to have good things to say about the grocery chain Publix, so that might be a good place to start.

You might also try asking around in your own community and seeing if there are any employee-owned businesses there. Yossi, my critique of social democracy is limited to a discussion of its fragility as I noted in the post, it tends to fall apart once the rich forget that social democracy is what kept them from being strung up from lampposts. It was that failure of memory that put Thatcher into office and put Britain on its current trajectory.

Iuval, universal basic income without broader systemic change is a band-aid on a cancer; nor will it be sustainable as the limits to growth cut in and human muscles and brains become the prime movers of the economy again. That being the case, finding a system that corrects for the problems of scale is a good idea. Anarchosyndicalists have unfortunately tainted the whole concept with the giddy unreality of anarchism, and it needs to be extracted from that context and put back in the setting of systems that actually work.

Frederick, guilds are a way of organizing productive economic activity. If you want to own the means of production in a syndicalist society, you go into the private economic sphere, not the public sphere. Of course well-to-do families in Essex would have to pay more for their courgettes, but I think they can be asked to be the ones who make the sacrifice for a change! Kevin, those are issues that can be dealt with easily from a syndicalist standpoint.

In a syndicalist system your distributors would also be employee-owned, and could very well be owned and operated by the small producers. Yes, a popular political movement that gets into power on a platform of systemic change could do it. If you want to make it happen, start by getting the word out and supporting employee-owned businesses with your dollars , help build a movement to bring the changes about, and when the movement reaches critical mass, vote for it.

Cooperatives and worker-owned businesses can also make bad decisions, become dysfunctional, and go under, just like other kinds of businesses. One of the advantages of syndicalism is that it offers Americans a more believable route to becoming financially comfortable. Drhooves, in both cases, granted. First, an economic system which distributes wealth downwards can be combined with any political system in theory, atl east.

The stability of the political system would be dependent on many other things,I suppose. Representative democracies, dictatorships, monarchies, aristocratic republics and theocracies all of them have a shot at survival, as long as they ensure that the bottom of the economic pyramid is taken care of reasonably well. For instance, Gaddafi, Hosni Mubarak, Bismarck and Clement Attlee created distributive economic systems in widely different political systems.

Second, what the working class really wants is just a decent job and middle class life, nothing more not all of them, but most. Not the huge SUVs, big mansions, expensive yachts, foreign vacations and other toys of the rich. I had always thought they wanted this stuff. You have said that before in The Archdruid Report, but till this moment it never fully registered in my mind, so I was a little surprised when I realized it.

Then I found why: This has been programmed into our minds so well that we think that capitalism is the only, default option and everyone wants an upper middle class life. Because no other economic system promises that anyone can become rich, but capitalism does, right? So capitalism is the best! Every other system will just keep the poor where they are, but only capitalism will make everyone rich!!

Their chief concern is about their economic welfare. A case in point: An interesting feature of many third world democracies is that people keep returning corrupt politicians to power, as long as they deliver basic needs: Finally, I think I understand why you favor democratic syndicalism:

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  1. I'm working on tf 5 with expiration 15 minutes and it's going very well


    Now, here is the same chart with fractalsthe next post will show the same area with the same fractals represented as boxes...

    expiry 15 minutes, with 85 or 90% win for over a year

    So I'm gonna put my little idea here in the strategy development section because I'm not done working on it, and I think with a couple of good ideas we can make this even more profitable. I've been on this site for a couple of months and since I've started making my own EA's and strategies I've been starting to see my first "green" weeks. Anyhow, I found these two indicators on a thread on this very site and shoved them into my library of indicators that I keep in case of a good idea.

    Ok, since you now share the mq4 file, then here we go your indicator with alert..that you could change the sound file (wav file) as you like

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